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Are Blundstone boots waterproof?Updated 2 months ago

Blundstone offers fully waterproof leather within our Winter Thermal series, our All-Terrain Shoe, and our All Terrain Clog. These styles feature waterproof leather uppers and elastics and sealed seams to protect from wet and damp conditions. Boots should be maintained seasonally with a thorough clean and application of a waterproofing spray. 

All other Blundstone boots feature weatherproof leather and use Blundstone’s unique construction with a limited number of seams, leaving fewer places for water to get in. This means our leather is as water resistant as any leather can be while still allowing the foot to breathe. If properly cared for they will prevent most water penetration, keeping your feet warm and dry when exposed to rain, light snow, or wet grass. To maximize the water repellency of your boots, regularly spray the leathers with a waterproofing spray, you may find our Blundstone Waterproof Spray 

Caring for your Blundstone boots regularly is the best way to maintain their condition, you may find more details on our product care page 

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