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How should my Blundstone Boots fit?Updated 2 days ago

Length is the primary consideration when fitting Blundstone boots. Walk around in the boots indoors and get a sense of whether your front most toe is touching the front of the boots. If they are consistently touching the front of the boots, then the boots are too small. A thumb width (or minimum of ½") of space between the end of your foot and the end of the boot is recommended for a good fit.

Width can be focused on once you have determined the length of the boot. Blundstone boots typically have a looser fit and a centimetre or two of heel lift while walking is very common. If you still find that your Blundstone boots fit too generously, the insoles provided in the box are helpful for snugging up the fit - they can take up about ½ a size worth of space! It may also be common for you to feel pressure across the instep of the boot where the ‘v-stitching’ comes across the instep. This pressure will often dissipate with regular wear after a two to three week period, once the leather begins to stretch.

Please note that half sizes in Blundstone boots are a bit unusual—they do not increase the length of the boot. Instead, they increase the amount of space over the foot by adding more leather creating a wider fit. Our half sizes are great if you have a wider foot, higher instep, or are using an orthotic in your boot.

The size on the bottom of your boot represents the Australian (AUS) size. If you are replacing an old pair of boots, please consider whether that size shall still fit you today; worn boots that have stretched gradually over time with wear shall fit looser in comparison to a brand new pair in the same size. Our feet change in their elasticity over time resulting in flattening (widening) and lengthening of the foot and toes. The impact of gravity over time also contributes to our feet getting wider and longer. It is important to get sized for boots every few years to ensure you have the best fit possible.

Unsure if you have the correct fit? Sign up for a complimentary virtual boot fitting with a member of our friendly, knowledgeable Blundstone Canada staff. Our team will help guide you through any Blundstone style and size questions.

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