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What is Blundstone's commitment to the environment?Updated 7 months ago

Blundstone is committed to manufacturing processes that are environmentally compliant and we actively work to improve our business practices and minimize our impact on the environment.

We only do business with suppliers in countries that we believe are sufficiently active in monitoring and improving environmental impact and practices. As an example, our boxes are 100% recyclable and use 100% recycled materials.

Environmental impact assessments are undertaken on all our footwear manufacturing sites. Since the instigation of this process no breaches have been identified.

Leather is considered a renewable material, and we currently source 95% of our leather from sustainably certified tanneries. We also choose to be a member of the Leather Working Group for a range of reasons, the key being access to their environmental assessment tools, audit protocol and rating system, and third party services.

These systems also help to encourage upstream suppliers to improve their own environmental practices.

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