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Gift Cards

Can I get a refund for my gift card?

Gift card purchases are final sale and cannot be refunded.

Can I use my Blundstone gift card at a retailer?

Gift cards purchased from Blundstone Canada cannot be used to purchase boots at any of our authorized retailers and are only redeemable on

Will my gift card work on other Blundstone sites?

The gift cards you purchase on Blundstone Canada ( cannot be used on any other Blundstone websites.

Does my Blundstone gift card expire?

No, your Blundstone Canada gift card does not expire.

What happens if I lose my Blundstone Gift Card?

Blundstone Canada will not replace lost gift cards.

I bought a Blundstone gift card from a different Blundstone website, will it work?

If you purchased a Blundstone gift card from any other Blundstone website than Blundstone Canada ( it will not work at checkout.