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Sizing & Fitting


Size Information

For women subtract 3 sizes from your Canadian size. For men subtract 1 size from your Canadian size. For kid�s subtract 1 size from your Canadian size. It is not abnormal for there to be some initial movement in the boot, particularly in the heel

How should my Blundstone Boots fit?

Length is primary consideration when fitting Blundstone boots. Walk around in the boots and get a sense of whether your front most toe is touching the front of the boots. If they are consistently touching the front of the boots, then the boots are

Do all Blundstone boots fit the same?

Across our range of styles the majority of the boots shall fit very similarly, in our experience there are some styles that can fit a little differently and have some sizing considerations: Our Dress styles (formerly Chisel toe) are a bit of a longer

Do Blundstone boots have steel toes?

Our entire Work & Safety line, with the exception of the #491 and the #492, have CSA-approved grade 1 steel toes. Shop Blundstone's Work and Safety Collection.

Are Blundstone soles non-slip?

Our Work Boots have classified "slip resistant" soles, and our new Vibram outsole on our All-Terrain and All-Terrain Winter Thermal Series has superior slip resistance, however we do not use the designation "non-slip."

How tall is the women's heel?

Our Women's Heeled Boots are built for comfort, without sacrificing style. Our Chelsea styles (#1671, #1673, #1677, #1960, #2060) have a 5cm Cuban heel. Our Ankle styles (#1970, #1974, #1977) have a 3.5cm Cuban heel.

Do my Blundstone boots have a steel shank?

All Blundstone boots use a steel shank in their construction with the exception of our Work & Safety boots, which feature a nylon shank.