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Boot Care


How do I clean and care for my boots?

Take care of your boots and they'll take care of you. Our boots are crafted from the best available leathers and components our boots are designed to last, however it's vital that you care for them to help prolong their life and luster. Blundstone

Step by Step Boot Care Guide

Step One: Cleaning your boots The best way to clean your boots is with vinegar and water. Remove all dust and dirt from your Blundstone boots using a soft bristled brush or cloth Follow with a vinegar/water solution (1/3 vinegar | 2/3 water) and a

Do my boots need to be treated when new?

The majority of Blundstone boots are made from a weatherproof leather. This leather is treated at the factory to be as water-repellant as leather can be, without losing breathability. The boots are ready to wear the moment you buy them. To maintain